There are many vegetarians and "vegetarians-to-be" in the DFW Metroplex. VegNod has many programs to suit just about anyone.   We want to reach out to them and make them aware that joining Vegetarian Network of Dallas is an important way to support ethics, compassion, health, and the environment, as we are truly Stronger Together! 

Contact Us If you would like to be a more active participant in VegNod.

Our Programs:
AGA Angels
College Outreach
Letter Writing Campaign
Social Activities
3rd Sunday Lunches
Monthly Potlucks
Take a Carnivore to Lunch

College Outreach

In keeping with the vegetarian outreach component of our mission, Vegetarian Network of Dallas (VegNod) seeks to recruit volunteer college coordinators for Dallas and Collin Counties.

Coordinators are needed to leaflet at a nearby college* one or more times a month, at their own convenience.  Leafleting is a fun and easy way to spread our positive message to young people, who are truly interested, and a great way to achieve your own Animal Rights volunteer goals.

VegNod’s Volunteer College Coordinator responsibilities:
  • So that VegNod can help you promote your leafleting, please post, as far in advance as you can, when/where you will be leafleting on VegNod’s Yahoo Group.  We will also post on our calendar and make announcements at our events;

  • Distribute Vegan Outreach literature (with VegNod half-page flier insert) to as many college students as possible;

  • Ask students to sign-up for VegNod’s Yahoo Group to learn more about vegetarianism, and to become part of the vegetarian community;
  • Give student names, email addresses, and phone numbers to VegNod so that Yahoo Group invitations can be sent out (please inform student that  their information will be used for this reason);

  • Identify students who would like to leaflet with VegNod in the future, and/or would like to start a vegetarian group on her/his college campus (this is a future goal, and not a high priority, unless someone asks you about it – get their contact info);

  • So that we can learn and prepare better for future leafleting, please keep detailed record of where you leafleted (where you stood, location advantages/disadvantages), approximately how many fliers were distributed, how long it took, what type of permissions were needed, and from whom (if any).

VegNod's Responsibilities

AGA Angels (Insert Pic of one of Annette’s dogs?) In keeping with our mission of compassion and community service, Vegetarian Network of Dallas (VegNod) has named Animal Guardians of America (AGA) as our community charity for 2007. AGA is a no-kill, 501c3 (non-profit) animal rescue organization that takes in stray, abandoned, and neglected animals no one wants to adopt and turns them into animals everyone wants. AGA is in dire need of not only supplies, but maintenance work such as mowing, fence mending, debris removal, electrical. If you are a member with electrical, pluming or other trade knowledge and would like to donate your expertise to this cause, please contact us. Similarly, if you know of a company or individual who would like to donate services as a tax write-off (such as a landscaping company, appliance repair, etc.) Finally, Tom Thumb, Kroger, cards…. AGA is committed to enriching the lives of animals regardless of age, natural beauty, or condition, and to finding them temporary and/or permanent homes. Every penny donated to AGA goes to the needs and care of the animals. For more information on AGA's lovable animals available for adoption or sponsorship, or to learn other ways you can help, click here.